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5 great white Kitchens

I love white Kitchens. My own kitchen is white. In the video I especially like the Contemoprary Classic style Kitchen with it's brass accents and the marble surfaces. My kitchen has granite surfaces which are not one of my all time favourites. But let's face it - on granite you won't see any little spot. But in my next life it will be marble countertops :-)

White kitchens are very popular, but there are a lot of ways to add variety within this neutral color scheme. White cabinets partner beautiful with white marble countertops and a tile backsplash for a serene, traditional look. For a more modern look, select sleek white cabinets with a high gloss finish and play up the glam with metal and glass accents. For a warmer take on white, choose a creamy cabinet finish. Reinforce the warmth with brown tones in the floors, chairs and window treatments. Create instant impact with a high contrast color combo. White cabinets and tile pop against a chocolate brown wall and dark island finish. Soften an all-white kitchen with a touch of your favourite colour on the backsplash. If your preference is changed in the future, updating the backsplash is less expensive than replacing cabinets. White works well in any style kitchen. Just remember to use warmth, sparkle, wood tones and contrast for a personalized look.

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