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I'm French I like to be bare-skinned. And to feel confident with your skin to breathe. To feel the glow. The basic is to feel that your skin is like a fabric, a delicate fabric. The way you apply your moisturizer, you are gentle. After you clean your face, what I like to suggest is to use a spray thermal water. And the reason to use a spray thermal water is to neutralize the calcium, chlorine. So you don't keep these elements on your face. You just spray one to three times. And after that, you dab with tissue, so you don't want to let it dry. You dab with tissue, very gently. Until it's totally absorbed.

 So after that, what I Iike is beautiful serum to target the needs and the mood of your skin. I love these two--the vitamin C and the acid hyaluronic is really the basics, the essential to have at home and very easy to apply. You can combine this because it's very light. Serum texture is quite medium weight so you
don't want to overcharge the skin so if you want to target the specific needs of your skin, let's say you have inflamed skin but you have breakouts at the same time, I will say use one serum in the morning and also one at night. You need just a few drops really.

 I do apply in my palm. This is only one hand. Dab until it's totally absorbed. After the serum, you can use your day cream. If you have more oily skin, imbalanced skin,
you will prefer normally lighter texture. If your skin is normal, medium to heavy moisturizer is fine. And if you're dry, you like to have an oil, a serum plus a richer cream. So the way you apply when it's a pot like this one, you take a stick and you massage it warm in your hand. It will penetrate better when it's warm. You don't want a cold cream. And you apply in different places in your face. And you start to massage. You caress your skin. So up, always uplift, movement. And in and out. It's a drainage technique. Great.

It's better to use a specific product around the eyes. And you want to be very delicate and with light formulation. So don't put weight on your eyelid and create more heaviness and clog as well a little bit. And be sure that when you apply a sunscreen, to clean very well at night because in general sunscreen are very thick and very sticky. So, yes sunscreen, but not all the time, and not when you are indoors and not when it's raining, you don't. Take a break. Let's breathe your skin.

 I always have dry lips. To have in your bag always a lip balm is very important. Every day, morning and night, you are in front of your mirror. You are pleased to take care of yourself. You enjoy this ritual. To caress to give love to your skin. It's better to have smooth lips than dry lips to kiss. Especially when they're French lips.

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