South Korean Beauty Secrets

What's the fіrѕt thіng уоu thіnk оf whеn уоu think about Korea? Is it K-pор? Iѕ it  K - Drama or іѕ іt K - Beauty?

I dоn't no іf thіѕ word rіngѕ a bеll. But dо уоu knоw whаt Thoma mеаnѕ?  It асtuаllу means baby fасеѕ! 

So mаnу Kоrеаnѕ асtuаllу hеаr thаt they lооk rеаllу уоungеr than thеу are.

Are you curious? What is their secret?

There are four factors that causes aging. The first one is UV exposure. UV rays influence the aging of the skin. Is your face is exposed to UV rays for a long time, the production of Collagen in the Epidermis decreases. It makes the skin thinner and this causes change in the Elasticity of the skin. That will lead to wrinkles in later life.

The second factor are free radicals. They are created in our body in the cutaneous fat. Free radicals damage ourselves and play a big role in protecting our body from aging.

The third factor is dry skin. As we age, our skin produces less moisture.

Number four of the factors that causes our skin to age is our lifestyle. It can make aging really fast. Smoking in particular can really speed up the process of our skin aging.

Now, where and when should you start? In Korea there is a saying that sais: You can lie about your age, but your skin can not lie.

What it basically means is, that the years that you have lived, will show, depending on how well you take care of your skin.

With the right anti-aging method you can look five years or even ten years younger than your true age. Aging starts for most people when they are  25 or in their mid Twenties. It might be different for every single person. But it is always good to prepare and prevent aging.

Even if you are in your late Twenties it is not too late. You can actually slow down the process of aging. But what exactly are the Anti-Aging tips that a lot of Koreans use to maintain their young beautiful faces?

The first thing is of course is Lifestyle. It might sound hard, but please try to avoid negative effects like smoking, drinking or lack of sleep or caffeeine. Even overeating can cause aging so it is good to get in the habit of eating just a certain amount and making sure that wen you feel full you stop and only eat when you are hungry again. Have smaller meals and you can eat more frequently.

Talking of food. Very important in your Anti-Aging Routine! Foods such as Ginseng, Anchovies, Fruits and Vegetables are among the things that Koreans actually eat to maintain their youthful appearance. Ginseng and beans actually act as Antioxidants. This will help Anti-Aging. Anchovies are also great and they will improve aging. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are really high in Vitamin A, C and E and also contain Antioxidants.

Always try to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as a snack and take them around with you. Also eat cabbage and Broccoli. They also help with Anti-Aging and really help to Detox.

Kimchi sauce
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Korean Kimchi
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The third secret to beautiful skin in Korea are surgical procedures. South Korea is well known for plastic surgery. Lifting procedures actually enhance the Collagen production which approve the appearance of fine lines and fine wrinkles by increasing skin elasticity.

The fourth secret are massages. Just simply tapping your face actually stimulates the lymph nodes which helps preventing aging. Thanks to the flood circulation a massage is really helpful for elimination of weight. Massage muscles that are frequently used such as the V-Line - the jaw-line and right between the eyebrows. Even areas around your mouth really benefit and massages prevent wrinkles.

Secret number five is to protect the ingredient that is found under the Epidermis. For the aging of the skin it is crucial to protect Collagen with Honey, Ginseng and Hyaloronic acid. These are some of the ingredients and Components that are beneficial for the Epidermis Collagen and they help to maintain the skin's elasticity. Honey and Ginseng are really important.

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Ginseng is thought of as Korea's number one medicine. Not only is it great for staying healthy it also carries beneficial properties for the skin. It prevents aging like mentioned before. It also helps with the skins elasticity. It increases the lifespan of skin cells and it is and Antioxidant.

For a Beauty Routine the Korean way please first try  a serum. It helps you nourish the skin from inside and the antioxidant properties help to purify the skin from environmental issues and prevent to build up impurities. It also brightens and it just freshens up your skin's complexion.

By improving your skin's circulation ginseng extract adheres to the skin to transform sagging skin into hydrated and elastic skin.

After cleansing your skin put a thin layer of serum onto your face. Just use an appropriate amount and make sure that you follow your skin's texture and massage it into your skin.

After applying, help the serum absorb into the skin by gently placing the palms of the hands onto the face.

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Before you use a face mask place a steamy warm towel over your face. It will help to open the pores and will also soften dead skin cells to naturally allow impurities to escape and fill the skin with nutrients.

The face mask will then work on both inside and out to make the skin look really luminous. Highly concentrated Ginseng extract works directly on the skin to add moisture and plump elasticity to your weak and sgging skin. Antioxidants help to purify fatigued skin.

Banana and Honey Cream Mask
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Shake & Shot Rubber Mask
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Pore refining face mask
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Now massage your facial mask into your skin for five to ten minutes. Then wash any access off with lukewarm water. Afterwards your skin might feel a little bit warm from the movements. Get cold water and rinse off and you are finished.

To make the Korean Anti-Aging routine even more effective now do the massage. Make sure that your skin is not irritated. If it is, put on a spot cream or put on a night moisturizer. The massage will help to reduce the irritation.

First massage your V-Line. It really helps to ease the muscles around your jaw area and it helps with skins elasticity. The muscles here are more intense. You may want to use a facial oil. This will help you. Close both hands into fists. Lightly follow upwards from the middle of the chin to the area behind the ears. Then place your fist behind your ears and massage with circular motions. Repeat 10 times.

To improve dark circles you should help increase the blood circulation around your eyes. This will be much more efficient if you are rubbing your hands together and use the heat from your fingers. Use the thumb to lightly give pressure from the front of the brows to the outer brows. Slightly press the area below the eyes from the front of your eyes to the outer corner. Please repeat this motion ten times.

See here some exercises that you can use for facial yoga.

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